MAXING MXGS-886 Hana Aoyama Beautiful Wife Was Addicted Temptation Este Massage

A married woman, “Hana” who has sexual dissatisfaction with the current couple’s life, visits a newly opened esthetic store with the recommendation of her husband. However, that shop … in fact it was a shop performing a back service targeting “a frustrated married woman” … spending time to spend a blissful time with a careful massage that took a long time … In the meantime … the director who took out the aphrodisiac Fingertips to a sensitive part … Frustration To a wife is too strong a stimulus … A married woman who drowned in its sexual desire never resists, and accepts eroticism of the director as it is ….

現在の夫婦生活に性的不満を持つ人妻「はな」は夫の薦めもあり新しくオープンしたエステ店を訪問する。しかし、そのお店…実は「欲求不満の人妻」を対象と した裏サービスを行う店なのであった…じっくりと時間をかけた丁寧なマッサージで至福の時間を過ごすも束の間…媚薬を取り出した院長の指先は敏感な部分 へ…欲求不満妻には強すぎる刺激…そのまま性欲に溺れてしまった人妻は抵抗することもなく、まんまと院長のエロ施術を受け入れていく…。


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