Pacopacomama 010816_007 Hikari Natsuno Because it’s a New Year I will shave for the first time in my life

Hikari who came to see her in the new year early. I promised not to have sex with my husband, but since I broke that promise I was told that I will give a punishment to punishment. Even selfish self-refueling, obedient girlfriend shaved pubs calmly and finally became a slippery shaved pussy. In the end, it is forced to take a stroll in the town by wearing a jump, the crotch is Susu, the chest is exciting. Hikari, who knew about hairless excitement, lowered her love juice some time, and he had a cocky face and had a cock when he did not have sex with you anymore.

新 年早々セフレに会いにきたひかりさん。旦那とはセックスしないと約束したのに、その約束を破ったので、お仕置きに剃毛の刑を与えるといわれてしまう。な んとも身勝手なセフレですが、従順な彼女はおとなしく陰毛を剃られていき、ついにはつるつるパイパンになってしまった。あげくのはてには、飛びっこ装着で 町のお散歩を強要され、股間はスースー、胸はドキドキ。無毛の興奮を知ったひかりさんの下半身はいつしか愛液を溢れさせ、陶酔しきった表情でもう貴方とし かセックスしないと肉棒をくわえ込むのであった。


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