Pacopacomama 030816_047 Masuho Saotome 32 years Used underwear for women is an item that everyone loves

Used underwear for women is an item that everyone loves. I will deliver a new work of “Your wife, let me buy underwear now!” That will make your wishes come true. Talking to a married woman and a milf in town, I went to underwear purchase negotiations. However, it is difficult to negotiate on reasons of “Underwear is dirty” “Do not hate to go home with no pants!” I negotiate strongly with tactful skill put on the meaning of professional Nanpa master. Can you really buy underwear with a stinky Manukasu? Pretty milf Mizuho’s underwear, I definitely want to get it.

女 性の使用済み下着は皆が大好きなアイテム。そんな貴方の願いを叶える「奥さん、今はいてる下着を買い取らせて下さい! 」の新作をお届けします。街中で人妻・熟女に声をかけては下着買取交渉へ。しかし、「下着が汚れているから」「ノーパンで帰るのは嫌っ!」の理由に交渉困 難に。プロのナンパ師の意地にかけ巧みな話術でねばり強く交渉。果たして臭いマンカス付きの下着を買い取ることができるのか?かわいらしい熟女の瑞穂さん の下着、ぜひ手に入れたいですね。


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